Thursday, September 08, 2005

Browsing through the press

NY Times: Q&A: Iran's nuclear program
Ray Takyeh, the Council's [Council of Foreign Relations'] top expert on Iran, says the United States' conviction that Iran is secretly planning to develop nuclear weapons, and Iran's steadfast denial, have plunged relations between the two countries to its lowest state in about a decade... He doubts the United States and the Europeans will be able to persuade the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] at its September 19 meeting to send Iran to the UN Security Council for its nuclear-related activities...
Jack Straw in International Herald Tribune-Let Turkey into the EU
So why Turkey and why start now? Estimates are that Turkey's economy will grow by 10 percent next year - more than any of the economies of the current European Union. Half of Turkey's trade is already with the EU, and it is already a major market for British and EU exporters.
Thomas Friedman-Osama and Katrina
Well, if 9/11 is one bookend of the Bush administration, Katrina may be the other. If 9/11 put the wind at President Bush's back, Katrina's put the wind in his face. If the Bush-Cheney team seemed to be the right guys to deal with Osama, they seem exactly the wrong guys to deal with Katrina - and all the rot and misplaced priorities it's exposed here at home.
Financial Times-Egypt's flawed poll
Rarely is it clear in an electoral exercise such as the one that took place yesterday in Egypt - an entrenched autocracy dressing up a predetermined outcome with democratic trappings - whether this should be dismissed as a farce or embraced as a modest beginning. Because it can be both.
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