Thursday, September 22, 2005

Latest press headlines

  • Two years on, Iran is the only clear winner of war on Saddam-Times of London:
    THROUGH a combination of arms, money and political influence, Iran has established itself as one of the most powerful forces in postwar Iraq, where its Shia allies dominate local governments, the security services and parts of the economy.

  • Jordan's king reaches out to Jews, hits radical Islam-Washington Times:
    Jordan's King Abdullah II told a gathering of American rabbis yesterday that Jews and Muslims are irrevocably "tied together by culture and history" and that he is willing to take radical measures to combat Muslim extremists.

  • A Mess in Germany-Washington Post:
    It's difficult to imagine a worse outcome to the election than a new term for Mr. Schroeder, whose habitual demagoguery and opportunism have poisoned not only German politics but also the European Union and U.S.-German relations.

  • Iraq: The south is a mess too-Economist:
    BY IRAQ'S recent bloody standards, the violence this week in Basra, the country's second city and its southern capital, was small potatoes. A few protesters were shot dead and a police barracks stormed by British troops after Iraqi police arrested, and then refused to release, two of their comrades. Yet it revealed, once again, the alarming potential for chaos in one of the country's most peaceable areas—which, all the more worryingly, happens to be a heartland of the country's Shia rulers and the repository of most of Iraq's oil.

  • Koizumi's unfinished business-Newsweek International
    Koizumi won big on one issue. But if he doesn't move fast on others, all his gains might be for naught.