Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bush and Blair's comments on Iran: Is there a new case now?

From President Bush's war on terror speech at National Endowment for Democracy, earlier today:

we're determined to deny radical groups the support and sanctuary of outlaw regimes. State sponsors like Syria and Iran have a long history of collaboration with terrorists, and they deserve no patience from the victims of terror. The United States makes no distinction between those who commit acts of terror and those who support and harbor them, because they're equally as guilty of murder. Any government that chooses to be an ally of terror has also chosen to be an enemy of civilization. And the civilized world must hold those regimes to account...

Also earlier today, from Prime Minister Tony Blair's comments in a joint press conference with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani:

What is clear is that there have been new explosive devices used not just against British forces but elsewhere in Iraq. The particular nature of those devices leads us either to Iranian elements or to Hizbollah...There is no justification for Iran or any other country interfering in Iraq, neither will we be subject to any intimidation in raising the necessary and right issues to do with the nuclear weapons obligations of Iran under the Atomic Energy Agency Treaty...

Tehran's interference in Iraq and its long history of supporting international terrorism is nothing new. These comments could simply be the same tired political potshots the US and the UK take at Iran every once in a while, but in light of Iran's open defiance on the nuclear issue, they might as well mark the beginning of a new campaign by the world's major political decision-makers to finally get on Iran's case.