Saturday, October 01, 2005

George Clooney sits down with Washington Post

Washington Post has a lengthy feature on George Clooney today in which he talks about his new movie " Good night, and Good luck" which he both stars in and directs, his career, the state of American journalism, Bill O'Reilly and Iraq among other things.

Clooney's new movie as Washington Post puts it " is a dramatization of the events surrounding legendary CBS newsman Edward R. Murrow's confrontation with Sen. Joseph McCarthy, the Communist-hunting conservative, on Murrow's "See It Now" programs in 1954."

Washington Post's description of Clooney is also interesting:

In person, Clooney, who is 44, is a surprisingly unextraordinary presence. He's handsome, certainly, with that nicely graying head of hair and a smile so devilish that you almost expect a glint of sunlight to bounce off his teeth. There's an attractive energy about him, too; he talks and moves about quickly. But movie cameras and magazine covers do funny things to people. In Clooney's case, they bulk him up and make him seem taller and sturdier than he is in person. His head, slightly large for his frame, settles into proportion on camera. In person, he's thinner than you'd expect, almost delicately boned (he gained 35 pounds for a recent part, but dropped all of it by "working out and not eating").

By the way, I just recently watched Clooney's "Three Kings" which is about four US soldiers who--at the end of 1991 persian Gulf-- try to steal some of the gold Saddam Hussein had plundered from Kuwait. It was a great movie. Highly recommended !

To read the feature in full go here
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Photo Credit: The Washington Post Photo