Saturday, October 15, 2005

Iraq: Toward a new country

The press is abuzz today with opinions on Iraq and its future after today's historic constitutional election. Here are some of the commentaries that have been posted online sofar:

New York Daily-Ballots over bullets in Iraq:

Here is what it has come to, where the roads have led, what the U.S. pledge to stand firm has wrought: All the carnage Al Qaeda could muster, and it has mustered plenty, has not measurably deterred the resolve of a people determined to unshackle themselves from a miserable past.

Washington Post-Iraq's Democratic Determination:

It's useful to recall our own constitutional experience when assessing what is taking place in Iraq today. The early draft approved by our Founders in Philadelphia required significant amendment -- our Bill of Rights -- to ensure ratification. The Constitution has since been amended 17 times. And the Constitution itself was a replacement for our initial attempt at a national compact -- the Articles of Confederation. By contrast, in less than three years, Iraq has emerged from a generation of tyranny to vote in a national referendum on a draft constitution written by an elected assembly. Whatever Iraqis decide, this is progress.

Washington Times (By Sens. Joseph I. Lieberman/Jon Kyl)- Toward a new Iraq:

The Iraqi constitution is a symbol of the progress Iraq has made in achieving self-determination and, taken together with the January election results, is strong evidence a free and democratic Iraq is possible and deserves our support.