Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mrs. Triangulation

Today's New York Times Magazine brings to spotlight Hillary Clinton and in particular, discusses how she has constantly been reinventing her image as a centrist politician with a bid for the White house in mind. It's an interesting read (seven pages by the way !) :

No Democratic politician in America is connected to as many of the party's old and emerging power centers as Hillary Clinton. Her web of influence, spun quietly and deliberately over time, is remarkable.

...The real drama around Clinton's Senate term, however, has been prompted by her personal détente with old enemies; it sometimes seems as if the senator had entered some 12-step program that requires her to strike up a friendship with everyone about whom she has ever harbored a violent daydream. Clinton has forged very public partnerships with the likes of Bill Frist (on automating health-care records), Rick Santorum (on restricting graphic media for children), James Talent (on tracking gulf war syndrome) and Lindsey Graham, who, as a congressman, played an active role in Bill Clinton's impeachment trial (on expanding health-care services for the National Guard). Clinton garnered the most headlines, not surprisingly, for taking part recently in two joint appearances with Newt Gingrich to discuss the health-care crisis, in which the two former nemeses - Gingrich's mother once called Clinton a bitch on national TV - appeared warm toward each other. Meanwhile, Clinton and John McCain have become the Senate's version of Bill and Ted, jetting off together for a week at a time to such exotic destinations as Iraq and the Yukon (where they were joined by two other G.O.P. senators, Graham and Susan Collins).

It would be naïve to think that Clinton doesn't have a national campaign very much in mind as she stacks up one centrist credential after another. Clearly, she does, and if she runs, her campaign could well redefine, or at least modernize, the image of New York politics on a national scale...

Photo Credit: The New York Times Photo