Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A new online game: Assault on Iran

This is indeed alerting news. An online game, which is free to download, depicts a possible invasion on Iran by US forces:

Kuma\War’s playable mission offers you the most plausible scenario to delaying or destroying Iran’s nuclear arms capabilities. As a Special Forces soldier, you infiltrate the facility at Natanz. But it won’t be easy. You’ve got a man on the inside, a scientist you need to rescue or he’ll surely be killed after the raid. Breech the perimeter and secure the evidence. Beat back the security forces and destroy the centrifuges. Never before has so much hung in the balance; never have we been so close to preventing world tragedy.

You can watch the trailer here

maybe I'm reading too much into this. Maybe I should take it only as what it is--a free online game like thousands of others, although there are details on the game's home page that suggest this is more than a simple video game. Whatever that is--to me it's not a joke. Tehran's regime is playing with fire and as always, the Iranian people will pay the price..