Tuesday, October 11, 2005

UK's Daily Mirror: Iran training Iraqi bombers to blow up Brits

Chris Hughes reports from Basra:

IRAN'S Revolutionary Guards are running secret terror camps to teach Iraqi rebels how to blow up British troops, it was claimed yesterday.

Defence sources say the fanatics are teaching up to 10 insurgents at a time while more Iraqis are trained in similar terror camps in Lebanon and Syria.

A defence source told the Daily Mirror: "There is evidence that there are teaching camps in Iran, Lebanon and maybe Syria. It means up to 10 Iraqis at a time are being taught their trade before returning and teaching a further 50 similar-minded people."

The source added: "There is evidence the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps is training these people.

Up to eight British soldiers have been killed in recent months by roadside bombs - triggered by sophisticated infra-red technology - believed to have been smuggled in from Iran.

Until now the only evidence British forces had was fragments left over from attacks on convoys.
Regular and Special Forces troops from Britain have been desperate to find an intact device.

A coalition source said: "This is a major breakthrough."It means we will be able to properly follow up the Iranian factor - in other words, we may definitively find out exactly where these things come from."

Meanwhile, Tony Blair issued an ultimatum to Iran amid rising fears of a new war. He said Britain and the world would not tolerate it backing terrorists and building nuclear weapons.He said: "They would make a great mistake if they thought the international community lacked the will to ensure that is done."

The language echoes the threats made to Saddam Hussein before the US led invasion of Iraq. And it comes amid concern in diplomatic circles that Britain and America are heading for a military showdown with Iran.