Monday, November 07, 2005

Tony Blair and Jack Straw: Does the left hand know what the right one is doing or is this just a joke?

The UK's policy toward Tehran's regime has got me wondering if there's sort of a cat and mouse game going on with Iran. For the past two months or so, Prime Minister Tony Blair has used some pretty strong language against Iran, throwing all his diplomatic cautions to the wind and officially lambasting mullahs for supporting terrorism. But just as if these comments are nothing more than media-friendly statements, his Foreign Secretary Jack Straw wastes no time to make amends with Tehran, making sure his Iranian friends are not hurt by his boss's harsh words.

Today, it was Mr Blair's turn again to blast Tehran for its support for terrorism and meddling in Iraq's affairs:
"There is a reason why Iran and Syria do their best to destabilize the situation in Iraq because they know that if Iraq is allowed to develop as a strong, Muslim state but with secular democratic government, then it's the best argument you can possibly have for people in Iran and in Syria to say 'Why don't we have some
of that democracy? Why don't we have proper civil and human rights, too?"

OK. That's great thinking Mr Blair. So?

Well let me answer that:

So make sure to stay tuned to hear from Mr Jack Straw himself, sending a diplomatic "It's all right chaps. Tony was just a bit ticked off. You know him. But don't you worry. It'all taken care of" message to Tehran later this week.