Saturday, November 12, 2005

UK hostage Linda Davies: Amnesty International has a new donor

Linda Davies and her husband Rupert Wise were taken as hostages after they were seized at gunpoint by the Iranian navy as they sailed towards the disputed island of Abu Musa from their home in Dubai. In a lengthy Piece in UK's Daily Telegraph today, Ms. Davies explains about her two-week ordeal in Iran :

...When we arrived at Teheran, we were ushered down the steps into a minibus. Once inside, we heard the doors being ostentatiously locked. The windows were curtained, and all attempts to discover where we were being taken were vigorously rebuffed. The driver sped off at breakneck speed, only to slam on the brakes theatrically five minutes later.

We were then frogmarched into the cold Teheran air and ordered into another minibus. Again, the curtains were pulled. But not completely: a crack enabled me to see the rain sluicing down the windows, the razor wire that flanked the quiet road. I did think then that I was on the way to my own execution...

I had always been blasé about freedom and democracy. No more: what I have taken for granted, I now treasure. Amnesty International has a new donor.

I'm sure Ms. Davies is now very well able to imagine what Iran's political prisoners, journalists and democracy activists are going through at the hands of Tehran's regime. I do Hope Ms. Davies -- having gone through that ordeal herslf-- will now help put more prresure on UK government to pay more serious attention to the grave state of human rights in Iran.