Wednesday, November 02, 2005

UK rules out Iran regime change policy

Despite reports of Iran's Revolutionary Guards running secret terror camps in Southern Iraq which has led to a number of British soldiers being killed and maimed, and also Iranian President's recent comments on Israel, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, mullahs' bosom friend, assures them they are still in favor with Her Majesty's Government:

AFP- British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw ruled out a policy of regime change against Iran yesterday amid mounting concern about Tehran's development of nuclear weapons and its stance towards Israel.

"I have to say to you that regime change in Iran is not part of the policy of Her Majesty's Government, nor do I think it would be wise," Straw said during a question period in Parliament.

He had been asked whether London still ruled out discussions with groups opposed to the Iranian government, and was responding to claims that internal regime change "could reduce the implied (nuclear) threat considerably".

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tony Blair denied he had threatened military action against Iran last week, but warned the international community would not tolerate its support for terrorists and nuclear programme indefinitely:

Speaking in the House of Commons, Blair was asked to clarify his remarks at the end of last week's EU leaders' council where he denounced comments made by Iran's president about Israel.

Blair called comments by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for Israel to be 'wiped off the map' a 'disgrace' and warned Iran will be seen by the rest of the world as a 'real threat'.

'I did not not talk either explicitly or implicitly about a military threat to Iran, but what I did say is that Iran has to realise that the international community cannot tolerate continuing conduct that is supporting terrorism around the world (and) that is in breach of its nuclear weapons responsibility and obligations,' he told MPs. 'Nobody is talking about military threats or invasion of Iran,' he said.

'The Iranian government has got to understand that the international community simply will not put up with their continued breach of the proper and normal standards of behaviour we expect from a member of the United Nations.'

Hollow threats as always or what? Where has international community been for the past 26 years? How can Mr Blair, whose Foreign Secretary's kowtowing to Iran is a living example of his own government's ineptitude in dealing with such an outlaw regime, assure us the world community will finally stand up to mullahs?

By the way, Mr Blair, which international community are you talking about?