Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ahmadinejad bans what has already been non-existent

By Kash Kheirkhah

There are a couple of points missing amidst all this hoopla regarding Ahmadinejad's "Western music ban" order. To begin with, there hasn't been any real Western music on Iranian TV and radio stations for the past 27 years. What Ahmadinejad has ordered banned is nothing more than some old instrumental versions of such famous tunes as "Hotel California", most of Kenny G and Yanni's compositions and some rather fast-paced electronic music such as Jean Michel Jarre's used with sports clips on Iran's state-run radio and TV which is an organization as dismal as anything devised and run by Iran's Islamic regime. In fact, any semblance of adherence to West, including all kinds of Western music were dispensed with by the reactionary mullahs right at the beginning of the revolution as they sought to consolidate their power. Iran doesn't have any "Western music" radio or TV channel and has never had any since 1979. In this context, Ahmadinejad's order sounds completely meaningless.

Second, Although "Western music" has been dead on Iran's broadcast media for the past three decades, it has been completely alive and kicking at homes, car stereos and Iran's famous private parties. Now, In the age of Satellite and internet, when one, in just a matter of minutes, can download his favorite music, and where all the computer stores across the country secretly (and at times openly!) sell Western music mp3 collections, one would be a world-class dumb to look for his favorite Western music on Iran's IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting)!

When I was a teenager, I had no access to any source of Western music other than my noise-filled shortwave radio ( although that same radio is why I like Queen's "Radio Ga Ga" so much!). However, my thirst for Western music and my motivation to oppose mullahs' nonsensical music policy were both so huge that now I know more about Pop, Rock and Country music than most of my Canadian and American friends do. For Mr Ahmadinejad's information, anytime his regime bans something, if anything the opposite result seems to be achieved!

Ahmadinejad once again is playing with the world's media, using them as his propaganda machine. Being fully aware of the world's growing sensitivity to his antics these days and in keeping with the ideology of his religious set, he is just adopting a virulently hardline stance that is aimed at solidifying his image as a dyed-in-the-wool extremist.

Having said all that, I believe there will come a day when the Iranian people will have to make their final choice between their country and a radical regime led by an anachronistic extremist who is clearly on the path of steering Iran toward a disaster.

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