Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A night to remember

To me, a Canadian of Iranian extraction as I'm called !!! (well, why not? there are only a couple of weeks left!), there has never been anything more indicative of Canada than Bryan Adams, his soothing, raspy voice and his wonderful music.

Earlier tonight-- after going through a very rough couple of days--I finally managed to see the Canadian idol of my not too distant younger years live in concert and sing along with him the songs I have lived with since the very first moment I ever heard them.

Tonight Bryan Adams took me back to my early college years, when I sat up until 1 a.m. in the morning for VOA's Music and More broadcast to hear his "Everything I do, I do it for you", a number one hit in the UK for 16 consecutive weeks.

Then came along "Please forgive me" and subsequently, a string of memorable hits that not only got me and everyone in the family into his music, but turned us all into his biggest fans. There was not a single moment during the concert that I wasn't thinking about my siblings and hundreds of thousands of other Iranian fans of Bryan Adams who would have cherished every single moment of his spectacular show tonight .

That even more so after he ended the show saying "I hope you had a great evening tonight, but don't forget how wonderful it is to be free."

How could I forget?

Tonight I got away from it all with "Everything I do I do it for you", "Summer of 69", "Please forgive me", "I'm ready", "Back to you", "Cuts like a knife", "Cloud number nine"...

Tonight I was in "heaven".