Monday, December 26, 2005

Shoot-out in downtown Toronto (update)

Tragic news coming out of Toronto:

Canadian Press - Five people were wounded by gunfire - two seriously - and were taken to hospital after the late-afternoon shooting amid hundreds of shoppers on bustling Yonge Street near the popular Eaton Centre shopping mall...Two other brazen shootings have taken place this year in the same area, which is popular with tourists but not usually known for violence. On a Saturday night in late July, a man was fatally shot in a crowd of about 1,000 people at Dundas Square despite a heavy police presence.

Believe it or not, this morning I was EXACTLY at the same spot checking out the stores, including Eaton Center opposite Dundas subway exit before I left Toronto.

Too spooky for wards I guess...

Update - Tuesday: Police now say that two groups of young people in their late teens to early 20s got in an argument and began shooting. As many as 10 to 15 people were involved in the shootout amidst the countless shoppers who lined a part of Yonge Street in downtown, outside Footlocker and across the street from Sam The Record Man and Future Shop stores.

I was really impressed with Toronto, its vibrant mood and its kind residents. It's really difficult to believe such a horrendous crime can ever happen in such a big crowd of people and despite heavy police presence in downtown. This also makes me wonder if Canada is really prepared against any possible terrorist attacks in the future.