Friday, December 30, 2005

Spielberg's 'Munich': A courageous effort well worth watching

By Kash Kheirkhah

Kash rates: 3/4

Steven Spielberg's 'Munich' opens by saying it is 'inspired' by a true story to caution us there might be scenes in it that don't necessarily match the real chain of events that followed the Munich massacre. But that doesn't stop me from calling it a great movie because it still manages to get its message across and that message is what this movie is all about.

'Munich' is a very audacious effort by Steven Spielberg who, although being a prominent Jew himself, finds a decent place in the middle of this age-old conflict and blames both the Israelis and Palestinians equally for their share in perpetuating the cycle of violence.

For over 35 years now a violent response from either side has 'justified' further attacks from the other in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Has it brought us any closer to peace ? No and we already know that but Spielberg's courageous attempt expresses this 'no' through the experience of a character who begins his mission with full faith in what he does only to end up questioning his own motives. The transformation 'Avner', a Mossad agent and the main character of the movie goes through is of the same nature that has now brought two old foes Shimon Perez and Ariel Sharon together in one party and placed them at the same negotiating table with President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas.

Spielberg's prayer for peace definitely commands our respect for it's one every peace-loving human being is willing to share with him.