Tuesday, December 06, 2005

To be an Iranian...

Tehran, IRAN: An Iranian woman cries for her son killed in a plane crash in southern Tehran 06 December 2005. At least 100 people were killed today when an aging Iranian military transport plane smashed into a smog-covered densely populated residential area of Tehran. Official media said all 94 passengers and crew of the C-130 -- bought from the United States before the Islamic revolution nearly three decades ago -- died in the crash next to a high-rise housing block and domestic gas supply depot. AFP PHOTO/HENGHAMEH FAHIMI (Photo credit should read HENGHAMEH FAHIMI/AFP/Getty Images

To be an Iranian...

To be an Iranian means being born into a country whose people have been suffering for ages.

To be an Iranian means losing loved ones to wars, execution, and exile.

To be an Iranian means grieving for untimely deaths and weeping for unfulfilled dreams.

To be an Iranian means having holidays not to celebrate but to mourn.

To be an Iranian means neither belonging to your country, nor to any other nation.

To be an Iranian means experiencing the wrath of God every year, as if 27 years of living under an inhumane regime hasn't been enough.

To be an Iranian means never-ending pain, agony and misery.

To be an Iranian means living anything but life...