Saturday, January 21, 2006

Iran faces 'destruction' - Israel warns

I'm very sorry to see that some Israeli officials have now resorted to using the same deplorable language that the Iranian President has been using recently. I know Israelis are angry at what he's been spouting lately, but statements of this nature are just going to fuel more blind rhetoric on both sides and that, I guess, is what fanatics in both Iran and Israel desire:

HERZLIYA, Israel -- Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz warned the Iranian people Saturday that they faced 'destruction' unless they managed to restrain their new President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. 'Look at the fate of others who sought the destruction of the Jewish people. They only brought havoc and destruction to the own people,' Mofaz said.

'I know that a large part of the people of Iran do not support his policies but his despicable acts could bring destruction to all of you. You understand what must be done to prevent this,' Mofaz added, directly addressing the Iranian people.

It was the toughest statement of Israel`s determination to block Iran`s nuclear ambitions since the stroke that felled Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon two weeks ago, and it came just two days before the next scheduled international inspection of Iran`s nuclear research facilities.

Mofaz`s speech to an international conference of security experts in Herzliya, an exclusive resort just north of Tel Aviv, contained a clear warning that Israel if the United Nations and the international community failed to act, Israel would do so. 'Israel has to be able to defend itself,' Mofaz said. 'This we can do, and we are working on it now.'