Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Iran's nukes, Europe's follies

Iranian Journalist Amir Taheri makes some very thought-provoking points in his latest article, tracing the current nuclear crisis back to three years ago when as he writes" Legally speaking, Iran should have been referred to the Security Council." Taheri sees the current deadlock as a direct result of Europe's policy of "scoring points" against the United States and appeasing Tehran's regime:"The European trio was deceived by its own illusions, not Iranian chicanery. All it was interested in was to score a point against Washington... The Iranians had good reason to welcome the European offer. It removed the serious-seeming threat of military action, while isolating the United States. And it gave Tehran time to speed up its nuclear program." Here are some more of Taheri's thoughts but make sure to read the whole article:

Amir Taheri, New York Post - ...The Europeans are not prepared to acknowledge that the problem is not uranium enrichment but the nature of the Iranian regime. More than 20 countries, from Argentina to Ukraine, enrich uranium without anyone making a fuss. But who can trust the present leadership in Tehran not to embark upon some tragic mischief in the name of its ideology?

European-style appeasement has encouraged Tehran's most radical faction, helping bring Ahmadinejad to power. All the diplomatic gesticulations to follow will only compound that effect.

The Islamic Republic has had three years to prepare for whatever sanctions the Security Council might impose. It has also signed $70 billion in oil and gas contracts with China and $30 billion in arms and industrial contracts with Russia, ensuring that one or both would veto any harsh resolution against Iran.

As things stand, all those concerned in this carnival of absurdities have reason to be happy: The Europeans get rid of the hot potato, the Bush administration finds a diplomatic fig-leaf to cover its lack of an Iran policy, the Russians sell their arms, the Chinese get their oil and gas and the Islamists in Tehran accelerate whatever mischief they might be up to in the nuclear domain.