Saturday, January 07, 2006

Iraq: The Sunni choose Allawi as their leader

From Iraq the Model: Stage two of the current phase of the political in Iraq which we anticipated a few days ago has just begun and its beginning is marked by the emergence of a new large political bloc.The new bloc was announced today in Baghdad after the largest three blocs of Maram-the Iraqi list, the Accord Front and al-Mutlaq’s Dialogue Front-signed an agreement to form one unified political body.This agreement will grant the new political body a significant political weight with a total of approximately 80 seats in the parliament and with good prospects for reaching something close to 100 seats if a few other smaller lists like Mishaan al-Juboori’s list, the Islamic union of Kurdistan, Turkmen and Christians chose joining it.

...Allawi who appeared in a press conference today after a relatively long hiatus emphasized again that talking about forming the government should take place only after the investigation is over.Adnan al-Dulaimi and Salih al-Mutlaq were standing behind Allawi during the press conference which means that the two men have given Allawi the leadership of the new alliance.


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  • AFP - Saudi accuses Iraq PM of politicking over pilgrimage: The Saudi authorities have reacted angrily to complaints by Iraq's outgoing Prime Minister Ibrahim Jaafari that thousands of his countrymen were barred from joining the annual pilgrimage, dismissing them as mere politicking. In a statement carried by Saudi newspapers Saturday, the pilgrimage ministry accused the Iraqi premier of "playing the hajj card to salvage his deteriorating political status and achieve political gains".