Sunday, January 15, 2006

Israel Air Force trained for Iran attack

Jerusalem Post - IAF pilots have completed their mission training and fighter jets have been prepared for an Israeli attack on Iran, the British Sunday Times reported. The article reported that "the elite 69 strategic F-15 I squadron" had been equipped with weapons that will be tested in combat for the first time, and that two missile submarines were on standby: one in the Persian Gulf and the second in Haifa Bay. The Times also said that special IDF forces would be helicoptered into Iran to take out targets that could not be destroyed in an air strike.

Other major headlines:

  • Mos News - Russian Expert Says Israel Likely to Bomb Iran in Spring: Israel could launch a missile attack on Iran in the upcoming spring, Director of the Russian Political Research Institute Sergei Markov was quoted by Interfax as saying Saturday.

  • EU Business - Javier Solana: Military action against Iran out of the question: A military strike against Iran for its refusal to halt nuclear research is ruled out, European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana said in an interview to be published Sunday.

  • Newsweek - Mohamed ElBaradei: My conclusion on Iran's nuclear program can reverberate around the world.