Thursday, January 12, 2006

Israel shouldn't fall into Ahmadinejad's trap

Kash Kheirkhah

I perfectly understand how disturbed Israelis should feel to know they lie within the striking distance of a country whose leader takes delight in boasting about "wiping them off the map." I know how alarming it is for them to realize that such unforunate comments go beyond empty rhetoric and reflect a sick mentality that looks forward to precipitating the world's 'apocalypse'.

But, and as disturbing a thought as it is, Israel shouldn't hand Ahmadinejad what he is looking for on a golden plate. He is a smart adversary and there's a method to his madness. What the world and Israel, in particular, need to do is outsmart Ahmadinejad and his army of evil minions. A military strike will only galvanize majority of Iranians (and probably some other muslim nations) into giving him the support and sympathy he desperately needs to achieve his evil intentions.

The majority of Iranians do not see eye to eye with Ahmadinejad and pray day and night for the day their country will get rid of its present rulers and join back the community of free, law-abiding world nations.

Having that in mind, Israel's wisest move would be joining the US and its allies in their efforts to help creat a global coalition against an outlaw regime, thus containing Iran's growing threat and helping the Iranian people put an end to nearly three decades of misery under mullahs. I'll write more about that in the days ahead.

I also urge my readers from Israel to read what I have written before about the strategy Ahmadinejad and his mentors are following in regard to Israel:

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