Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Looking for comedy in the Muslim world?

Al Brooks's new comedy "Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World"-- the story of what happens when comedian Albert Brooks is sent by the U.S. Government to India and Pakistan to find out what makes the over 300 million Muslims in the region laugh-- seems to be treading on sort of uncharted grounds and will sure draw some mixed reactions since it deals with over-sensitive Muslim world (The movie title itself will prick most ears).

Well, I guess Brooks would have saved a lot of trouble and found much funnier ideas for his new movie if instead of choosing India and Pakistan to look for comedy in, had just dropped by Iran for a few days and observed first hand folks like Ahamdinejad, Mullah Hassani (the Friday prayers Imam of Orumieh, capital of northwest Iran province of West Azerbaijan who is notorious for his nonsensical speeches) and everyday life in Iran under mullahs in general!

You can watch the trailer here.

"Looking For Comedy In The Muslim World" will be released on January 20th.