Saturday, February 04, 2006

Angela Merkel hits the spot on Iran

My hat off to German Chancellor Angela Merkel for putting Iran's nuclear threat in such great perspective. Ms Merkel's remarks precisely echeos what I wrote about two weeks ago, warning Europeans on the rise of another Hitler :

Reuters - German Chancellor Angela Merkel likened Iran's nuclear program on Saturday to the threat posed by Germany's Nazi regime in its early days, saying the world must act now to prevent it building the atom bomb. Addressing the annual Munich security conference, she said there had been complacency in other countries as Adolf Hitler rose to power. "Looking back to German history in the early 1930s when National Socialism (Nazism) was on the rise, there were many outside Germany who said 'It's only rhetoric -- don't get excited'," she told the assembled world policy makers.

"I say it as German chancellor. A president who questions Israel's right to exist, a president who denies the Holocaust cannot expect to receive any tolerance from Germany."

Points very well-made Madame Chancellor. It's really heart-warming to see you taking such a strong, straightforward stance as opposed to your predecessor Gerhard Schroeder who, I'm sure, would have continued to remain a spoke in the wheel of Europe standing up to Islamic Republic of Iran.