Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's the Iranian people who have a right to nuclear technology, not the Iranian regime

Kash Kheirkhah

Due to the reactions I have received to my latest article "How the West can help us Iranians choose our own future and win our own freedom" (including two emails in which I was asked to clarify my position as an Iranian) I saw it necessary to once again let you know where I stand on the nuclear issue and a possible US military intervention.

First of all, I believe we do have a right to nuclear technology (although personally, I'm not that crazy about it considering the risks involved) but not under the current dangerous regime. A nuclear Iran is a threat first to the Iranian people and then to the rest of the world. I don't want my beloved country to "confront the real force of the nuclear energy, out of control" because of some tawdry cobbled-together Russian nuclear reactors. The Islamic Republic regime has proved to be unquestionably incapable of running Iran's most vital industries in the past 27 years. Take our aviation industry. Before revolution, Iran possessed one of the most capable air forces in the Middle East. The Imperial Iranian Air Force boasted the most advanced U.S.-made aircraft available, and its personnel received extensive training by U.S. Air Force instructors. What about now? Under the current regime, Iran's ailing Russian-made airplanes claim the lives of hundreds of people every year. Now, how could we Iranians allow ourselves to even think of having a nuclear program run by such incompetent hands?

Politically speaking, given this regime's track record, a nuclear theocratic regime in Iran could potentially serve as a nuclear hub of a vast terror network across the world and the first nation to pay a dear price for that would be none other than "us Iranians."

That's why this calamitous project has NOTHING to do with my sense of patriotism. How is that a regime that up until two years ago, disdained nationalism and even at one point cancelled the official "Oil Nationalization Movement" holiday, is now all of a sudden interested in Iran's "national" interests? Invoking Iranian people's nationalism over a program that poses the gravest threat to Iran and Iranians is a pathetic propaganda campaign no Iranian should fall for.
Second, I'm against a military intervention of any kind, even if leads to the downfall of Tehran's regime. No amount of reasoning and justification can ever convince me that any good can come out of such a potentially catastrophic event. Apart from claiming the lives of thousands of innocent people and alienating the pro-American section of the Iranian society, a post-invasion, American-installed government will not only bear no legitimacy in the eyes of the majority of the Iranians but, just like the never-ending controversies surrounding the US/UK backed 1953 Coup, will jinx the Iranian politics for years to come.

As a result, I believe the only way to win this for the West is through winning the hearts and minds of the Iranian people as I already explained in my latest piece that I invite you to read if you haven't yet.