Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Latest Iran headlines

  • Mirror - Blair: 'British Troops In Iran? We Can Never Say Never' : Tony Blair yesterday refused to rule out a British military invasion of Iran. He told MPs the rogue Middle Eastern state was helping to spread the "virus" of Muslim fanaticism across the world. It was a problem which needed "sorting", the Prime Minister said.

  • The Washington Post - Strong Leads and Dead Ends in Nuclear Case Against Iran: Iranian engineers have completed sophisticated drawings of a deep subterranean shaft, according to officials who have examined classified documents in the hands of U.S. intelligence for more than 20 months.

  • The Washington Post - 3 Myths About the Iran Conflict: Is there anything the West can do, short of a highly dangerous military option, to prevent Iran from going forward with its nuclear program? The answer is clearly yes. Although a prolonged standoff with Iran over its nuclear program would pose significant problems for Western countries, including a probable rise in oil prices, the benefits of preventing a nuclear Iran would clearly outweigh the costs. We'd like to try to dispel some common myths on the subject. Myth 1: Economic sanctions would hurt the West more than Iran...

  • The Wall Street Journal - In a Single Night (via Iran va Jahan): Many commentators argue that a pre-emptive air attack against Iran's nuclear installations is unfeasible. It would not be swift or surgical, they say, because it would require thousands of strike and defense-suppression sorties. And it is likely to fail even then because some facilities might be too well hidden or too strongly protected. There may well be other, perfectly valid reasons to oppose an attack on Iran's nuclear sites. But let's not pretend that such an attack has no chance of success. In fact, the odds are rather good.