Sunday, February 19, 2006

A letter to the US Secretary Condoleezza Rice

Dear Madam Secretary,

I lived in Iran until three years ago for 29 years. I am still in touch every day with my family, relatives and friends in Iran and also the people who travel back and forth to Iran. I know my countrymen and I know you can't win this battle against mullahs the way you are handling it now.

The majority of Iranian people --almost 70 percent of them-- are completely ignorant of the circumstances surrounding the nuclear crisis affair. Believe me, they don't even know what nuclear technology really means. They are under Iranian regime's brutal 24-hour propaganda campaign which is specifically designed to take the maximum advantage of common people's feelings. And mullahs' strategy is working. Almost everyone agrees that most Iranians inside the country--most of whom hate the regime--these days support mullahs' stance on the nuclear issue.

As an Iranian who has no doubt the current regime in Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons, and would like to eventually see a free, democratic Iran, I'd like to draw your earnest attention to the following points:

  • Don't talk about your strategies as to how to handle Iran in public. I can't understand why the U.S is showing its hand before any action is taken. For every strategy you discuss in public, (such as the type of sanctions) mullahs will come up with a counter strategy. Also, In my humble opinion, announcing the US government's financial aid to Iranian dissidents with such fanfare is a deadly mistake which can lead to a lot of Iranian activists in Iran being arrested on the charge of receiving money form the US. It seems the Iranian regime is now fully aware of every single step you're going to take and is prepared to fight them all the way.

  • As for the funding itself, how are you going to fight a regime that is sitting on a sea of oil with only $75 million? They will spend $ 750 to neutralize your spendings in no time. an Iranian official is already making fun of this saying "Is the US going to bring us down with only $75 million?"

  • Stop Europeans from playing cat and mouse with Iran. Do something. We all know Iran has been the main banker of terrorism around the world. We know they have crossed the line. Isn't it time to DO something about all that? Iranians have heard the West using the same rhetoric for twenty seven years and have come to the conclusion this is only a political game. Each time Iran makes a move, the Western powers cry out, “That’s it. you have crossed the line this time" and then again encourage Iran to talk with them. How many times should we go through this vicious circle? you are giving the Iranian regime time and the Iranian people the wrong idea.

Tehran's regime is playing its hand absolutely well. You are up against one smart enemy. You must come up with a new strategy and dispense with the same old, hackneyed ones you have been trying for the past thirty years. Use your budget to carry the voice of the Iranian activists and dissidents around the world into Iran. Have them talk to their compatriots and explain the situation to draw the attention of the Iranian people. Use the Persian Gulf region to strengthen your radio and TV signals into Iran and shut down the US-based TV stations that are being funded by the Islamic regime.

The common Iranians still don't know it's the Iranian regime you don't want to have access to the nuclear technology not the Iranian people. Do whatever necessary to inform them that's not the case. Even if possible, drop flyers on Iran and explain the situation to them in layman's terms. Get the Iranians out of this state of indifference and disbelief. That’s the key to win this fight.

But above all, take an action (non-military, of course). Show the masses in Iran the US is capable of standing to the regime for the sake of the Iranian people's freedom.

Don't just talk about it. Do something about it.


Kash Kheirkhah