Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Reza Pahlavi's communique regarding Iran's nuclear crisis

Reza Pahlavi needs to do a lot more than releasing a statement every couple of months if he really wants to be heard in Iran. Having said that, he makes some great points in his new statement. He should stick to them and just keep hammering them in the days and weeks ahead to make sure his message is not lost on the Iranian people:

February 2nd, 2006

As the Islamic republic enters its 28th year of continuous crisis, Iran faces the biggest danger of its contemporary history.This time around, it is no longer a question of defending the country's integrity against a smaller neighbour by sacrificing seven hundred thousand of our bravest compatriots while leaving behind two million handicapped and millions of mourning families. A sacrifice aggravated in its abysmal dimensions by the incredible political and military mismanagement of the Islamic republic's decision makers.

With time, the true nature of the regime has surfaced and its ultimate objectives have become clear to all. Today, with poverty and widespread economic crisis deepening each day, the regime is no longer in any position to face a united front of the world's democratic powers. Generating crisis after crisis finds its roots in the very foundations of the regime: the raison d'etre of the Islamic republic resides, not in the defence of Iran's national interests, but in the export of the regime's theocratic model throughout the world. The regime's constitution clearly states the need to build an ideological army capable of expanding the sovereignty of the law of allah over the entire world. To this end, the regime has used any means at its disposal, from supporting terrorist groups and religious extremism to interfering in regional countries' internal affairs. Thus, the very foundation of international trust vis-a-vis the Islamic regime has been seriously eroded.

Clearly, peoples of the world, who cherish their freedom and refuse to live under an Islamist theocracy, find themselves on a collision course with the Islamic republic. Therefore, it is the expansionist nature of the Islamic regime that has become the main obstacle to the realization of the inalienable right of the people of Iran to access nuclear technology. Don't we all remember that, prior to the establishment of the Islamic republic in Iran, France, Germany and the United States were competing with each other in order to provide our country with the latest and safest nuclear technology? Have we forgotten that it was America's best-known institute of technology that tailored an advanced program in order to educate and train Iranian students in mastering nuclear science? With the pursuit of those programs, by now we would have been in possession of 30 nuclear power stations of the highest standards capable of providing 36 thousand megawatts of electricity, which could sustain a more advanced industrial country than today's Iran.

Instead, with each passing day, the regime's ongoing confrontation with the rest of the world further erodes the economic foundations of our country. Massive capital and brain drains, along with the combination of inflation and recession, poverty and unemployment, all contribute to the regime's inability to satisfy our people's basic needs. Therefore, by creating crisis after crisis at both national and international levels, the regime intends to divert our attention from its own intrinsic incapability.

Dear compatriots,

As the people of Iran, our historic responsibility is clear: before the disaster on the horizon becomes a reality, it is up to us to take control of the helm and get our country to the coasts of safety, peace and freedom. This priority is above partisan politics. All our differences will turn into constructive competitive energy the day when our people could go to the ballot box, free of oppression. But, until that day, these differences should not prevent us from uniting our forces and putting, in the name of the people of Iran, the following demands to those who play with our destiny.