Monday, May 29, 2006

The Best of Youth

The unexpected shut-down of Toronto's TTC not only turned this weekend, in a pleasantly surprising way, into a long one, but also allowed me to watch a wonderful, almost seven-hour Italian movie called "La Meglio gioventù" or "The Best of Youth".

"The Best of Youth" is a masterpiece which makes the Italian Cinema proud and deserves a big "bellissimo!" . The movie chronicles the life of an Italian family from the mid 60's into the early 2000's.

It is the story of life with all its ups and downs, heartwarming moments and heart-breaking sorrows. The movie is full of unexpected turns, as life itself is; making you laugh and yet, at times, moving you to tears. There are moments in this movie when we remember how beautiful life can get and moments when we are reminded what a thin line exists between a mountain of happiness and a sea of sadness.

The nuances of relationships between the characters, the ups and downs each of them go through in different stages of their lives, the plot the movie's director 'Marco Tullio Giordana' chooses to walk us through four decades of Italy's contemporary history and last but definitely not least, the wonderful acting by Luigi Lo Cascio, Alessio Boni, Adriana Asti and the beautiful Maya Sensa who is of Italian and Iranian descent, makes this movie a true piece of art.

"La Meglio gioventù" now definitely sits on the top five list of the best movies I have ever seen. Just a quick word of advice: Don't be daunted by the runtime of the movie. If you adore great movies as much as I do, you'll sure want this Italian gem to never end.