Saturday, May 20, 2006

'The Da Vinci Code' works

The internet has been abuzz for the past couple of days with an overwhelmingly high number of negative reviews for Ron Howard's The Da Vinci Code. But I beg to differ. The Da Vinci Code is an intirguing movie full of twists and back to back revelations which will keep you on the edge of your seat IF you haven't already read the book. So why all the negative reviews?

I believe Dan Brown's over-hyped book has raised the expectaions for the movie leading many critics to be so unfairly tough on Howard. So, as you go to this movie, expect a typical yet fascinating thriller and nothing more.

On the acting though I would agree with the critics. Tom Hanks and the very pretty Audrey Tautou both do only an ok job in their roles whereas it's sir Ian McKellen definitely who steals the show.

One more thing: The movie has a slow pace at the beginning and then begin to grows on you. I guess The Da Vinci Code is one of those movie experiences that will be all the more enjoyable if watched for more than once.