Saturday, May 27, 2006

Should US engage in direct talks with Iran?

The debate is heating up as to whether the US should--for the first time after 1979 revolution-- openly engage in direct talks with the Iranian regime. I believe that'll soon be the only option left for the US if it can't gain Russia's support for the sanctions or achieve its 'regime change' goal in Iran :

The New York Times-U.S. Is Debating Talks With Iran on Nuclear Issue: WASHINGTON, -- The Bush administration is beginning to debate whether to set aside a longstanding policy taboo and open direct talks with Iran, to help avert a crisis over Tehran's suspected nuclear weapons program, European officials and Americans close to the administration said Friday.

Los Angeles Times-GOP Heavy Hitters Pressuring White House to Talk With Iran: WASHINGTON -- Amid concern that the U.S. is drifting toward eventual confrontation with Iran, a growing number of influential statesmen, Republican senators and foreign policy experts are stepping up pressure on the Bush administration to consider doing what no U.S. administration has done in 27 years: talk directly with Iran.

Council on Foreign Relations-Paul Kerr: U.S. Should Offer Not to Seek Iran Regime Change: Paul Kerr, a non-proliferation expert for the Arms Control Association in Washington, says any deal worked out by Western countries, Russia and China with Iran would probably have to include a pledge by the United States not to seek regime change in Iran in exchange for Iran's agreement on limiting its nuclear program.

David Ignatius, The Washington Post-It's Time to Engage With Iran: There's no guarantee that a policy of engagement will work. The Iranian regime's desire to acquire nuclear weapons may be so unyielding that Tehran and Washington will remain on a collision course. But America and its allies will be in a stronger position for responding to Iranian calls for dialogue. Openness isn't a concession by America, it's a strategic weapon.

Charles Krauthammer, The Washington Post- Direct Talks With Iran? No, Unless... : You want us to talk? Fine. We will go there but only if you arm us with the largest stick of all: your public support for military action if the talks fail. The mullahs already fear economic sanctions; they will fear European-backed U.S. military action infinitely more. Such negotiations might actually accomplish something.