Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Nuclear 'carrots and sticks' proposal for Iran includes security guarantees

ABC News-ABC News has obtained a draft of the "carrots and sticks" proposal that the United States, Europe, China and Russia made to Iran to encourage it to stop developing its nuclear program. The four-page document offers a "fresh start" based on "mutual respect."

Among the incentives, or "carrots" for Iran if it ceases its nuclear program:

  • Iran would get help building new nuclear power plants, specifically light water reactors that cannot be used to make weapons-grade nuclear fuel.

  • Iran would get a new facility to hold a five-year supply of nuclear fuel.

  • The deal would also open the door to "guarantees for [Iran's] territorial integrity" — words meant to assure Iran there would be no invasion by the United States or Israel.

  • A package of economic incentives so Iran can purchase a new fleet of American and European aircraft, something that it is now forbidden to do. Its aging airline fleet has become a safety threat.

If Iran rejects the deal, the draft proposal threatens a long list of sanctions — "the stick" approach:

  • Freezing Iranian assets abroad;

  • A travel ban on high ranking officials;

  • An arms embargo;

  • Reducing diplomatic relations with all the countries that made the proposal. Very significant, since Russia and China — two hesitant partners in the sticks approach, both of which have extensive trade with Iran — have agreed to this proposal.

Click here to read a copy of the document.