Saturday, June 10, 2006

Reza Pahlavi: The world is wasting its time

Juin 08, 2006 Le Figaro

LF: Do you think that with the present leaders, negotiations are only in vain?

RP: Yes, for three years, the European troika has been involved in endless negotiations, without any result. I cannot see any possible carrot that would bring this regime out of irrationality. It is only biding its time to get closer to the possibility of making WMDs. The world is wasting its time.

LF: The international community should therefore impose sanctions?

RP: I would go even further than that: everything depends on regime change in Iran. This regime is the key problem for our society, for the region and for the world. The best solution would be to put an end to it and invest in democracy. As long as this regime will exist, none of the main world problems, peace between Israelis and Palestinians, religious fanaticism, terrorism and the proliferation of WMDs will be able to be solved. It is a race against the clock. Will Iran become democratized before the regime gets the nuclear weapon? That?s where the crux of the matter is. The West must support democratic movements like it did in South Africa, in Eastern Europe or in Latin America.