Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Chirac: France has proof of Iran's involvement in Lebanon

  • Khaleej Times -- Chirac said he held the Iran partially responsible for the confict and branded the Syrian regime as “at odds” with security and peace.
    He also suggested Iran and Syria were pulling strings behind the scenes and had encouraged Hezbollah and Hamas to abduct Israeli soldiers, the spark for the conflict which has killed more than 400 Lebanese citizens in two weeks.“In the current conflict, Iran is partially responsible. Information we have proves that sophisticated weapons and financing are sent by Iran, via Syria in all probability, to Hezbollah. It’s a problem,” he told the newspaper.

  • Christopher Dickey, Newsweek--Let it bleed: The bottom line: Hizbullah is winning. That’s the hideous truth about the direction this war is taking, not in spite of the way the Israelis have waged their counterattack, but precisely because of it. As my source Mr. Frankly put it, “Hizbullah is eating their lunch.” it started this fight against a much greater military force—and it’s still standing. In the context of a region where vast Arab armies have been defeated in days, for a militia to hold out one week, two weeks and more, is seen as heroic. Hizbullah is the aggressor, the underdog and the noble survivor, all at once.

  • Lebanese Political Journal--Israel's Atrocious Error : Israel squandered a valuable opportunity. After the first two days of bombing:1. Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, attacked Hezbollah and expressed an understanding for Israel's response. This is absolutely unprecedented. It's the first time Arabs have come to the defense of Israel.2. Christian, Sunni, and Druze Lebanese politicians expressed outrage at Hezbollah's attack. Their main concern was timing (ie, money), as the Lebanese economy floats on tourism dollars. But, for the first time, they directly challenged Hezbollah.3. Shia Lebanese, incredibly, questioned the actions of Hezbollah. Like the rest of the Lebanese, Shia asked, "Why now? Why this? Is this our battle? Why must we suffer at the exact time we hope to profit from so many years of loss and oppression?The longer the bombing went on, the less and less concerned people were for Hezbollah's actions.