Sunday, July 23, 2006

For you Lebanon...

We went down to the edge of the water,
by the light of a Lebanese dawn,
And she told me all the stories of her beautiful land in the war,
Her tears fell down, the sun came up,
And I saw again the young girl in her eyes;

All of my life, all I have known,
only a place where peace cannot go;
All over the world, the gift from before,
nothing is left for the children of war;

And did you go to your bed with a sweet lullaby,
And the sound of the guns in the night,
And did you dance in the fields, did you run for your life,
From the hell that came down from the sky?
On a Lebanese night, on a Lebanese night,
I will be waiting, in Lebanon...

From "Lebanese Night" By Chris De Burgh and Elissa