Saturday, July 22, 2006

Iran is invading the Arab world and burning everything in its path

Another take on the current crisis in the Middle East, this time from a Saudi Journalist's point of view:

Mshari Al-Zaydi, Asharq Alawsat-Whose war is this? Is it a war of Lebanon, all of Lebanon, or Iran, as Walid Jumblatt claims?

On whose behalf are those who fired the first shot acting? Did they fire for the sake of a specific agenda by the ruling Syrian regime, especially as we are nearing the start of an international trial for the murder of Rafik Hariri?

We are facing a gigantic Iranian assault on the Arab world, in Iraq where Iran has become the number one player, even at America's expense, according to the Iraqi politician Saleh al Mutlaq, and in Lebanon, where everyone knows how far-reaching Iranian influence is, through its local representative, Hezbollah, since the party's weapons, finances, ideology, media and military training are all Iranian!

The latest characteristic of this onslaught is Iran's increasing influence on the Palestinian scene and its power over Hamas and Khaled Meshaal, after it seized control of Islamic Jihad in Palestine. Meshaal has been transformed into a "Sunni Hassan Nasrallah" in every aspect. Following the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, both men adopted extremist stances sought to direct the crisis by mobilizing the people and appearing inflexible. Hamas and Hezbollah are therefore walking the same path, set by Iran. Iran is invading the Arab world and burning everything in its path. With the Arabs standing idly by, Iran seeks to impose its control over the region and spread its influence over Iraq, in an attempt to create a fundamentalist Arab Shiaa entity in Iraq, to support the world's sole Shiaa country. It also wants to influence Lebanon through Hezbollah, in order to keep a frontline with Israel.

Iran is playing its cards, slowly, one by one, but it appears to have exhausted its trump card, and by that, I mean Hezbollah. This time, Iran miscalculated...