Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Iran's nuclear crisis: Is it over for the US?

Reuters, July 04, 2006: The West has no choice but to wait as Tehran plays for time and considers an offer of incentives from six major powers aimed at resolving its nuclear standoff, Western diplomats and analysts said..."Iran is clearly playing for time. Everyone in the G8 knows that ... But nothing can happen with Iran because everybody agreed that we should wait until it's clear what Iran's response is going to be," a senior Western G8 diplomat told Reuters..."I don't think they would say 'No', and I think it's hard to expect a clear 'Yes'. Rather they'll try to drag out the process, a method that has worked successfully for over three years," an EU diplomat said.

AP, July 5, 2006: China and Russia resisted an attempt in the U.N. Security Council to impose sanctions against North Korea for its missile launches Wednesday, saying only diplomacy could halt the isolated regime's nuclear and rocket development programs...China, the North's closest ally, and Russia, which has been trying to re-establish Soviet-era ties with Pyongyang, countered that they favor a weaker council statement without any threat of sanctions. Both countries hold veto power in the council, making sanctions unlikely...In a possible sign that Moscow's and Beijing's position may carry the day, President Bush addressed the issue in a subdued manner without the harsh warnings that he had issued as recently as last week when he said that a missile launch would be unacceptable.

The only conclusion I can reach from these two news stories is that even when Iran proclaims itself a nuclear weapons state and tests its nuclear bombs, Russia and China will continue to stand against the US and any possible US-backed sanctions. The 'package and response' story is just a shameful game run by Russia and China, considering their reaction to North Korea's missile tests. The signs are already on the wall...Will mullahs--by the help of their masters-- eventually carry the day? Will the US continue to waste time until it's left with military option--a catastrohpic option, in fact? Is President Bush in for another subdued speech soon?-Kash