Monday, July 24, 2006

Lebanon: Battlefield for hire

See how we Iranians and the government that represents us are perceived in the eyes of a Lebanese intellectual. Wouldn't we have said the same things about Lebanon if it had caused Iran to be torn to shreds?

Spiegel-The Lebanese should hire out their country to any people wishing to fight a war, suggests Lebanese novelist Charles Chahwan. Iranian megalomania, Syrian rancour and Israeli attacks are bringing about the country's slow death.

The Lebanon which we have inherited from our forbearers who fought for her independence, doesn't exist anymore -- at the most it lives on in some of the patriotic songs of Lebanese singer and icon, Fairouz. But the country which the first intellectuals like Michel Mscheha had in mind, has now disappeared for ever.

The Lebanon in which we lived before this war between the Republic of Hezbollah and the State of Israel bears no similarity to the worst places on this planet. But, I'm sure that we will soon ashamedly be able to compare it with failed states like Somalia, if the Iranians -- with their tumultuous regime and their crazy, archaic convictions -- can abuse it even more and make Lebanon at least as terrible and ugly as Afghanistan during the rule of the Taliban.

The pinnacle of the Iranian project in Lebanon, so I believe, is to use its first available atomic bombs, and launch them in our honor. They will fight the "devil" (America) and Israel down to the last Lebanese. The Iranians, which Saddam fought with the help of Arab Sunnis and the Americans, want to get revenge. The Shiite Persians will fight down to the last Shiite and last Lebanese, in order to avenge the Sunni Arabs in historical, religious and ethnic terms, so too to avenge the Americans and ultimately perhaps also the Israelis.

Iran -- drunk on billions of dollars of oil receipts -- dreams of atomic weapons and a new empire, which will revive the splendour of ancient Persia, is this not so?

The Iranian influence in Lebanon has managed in less than a year to unleash this war, in which we Lebanese are now dying. The war is a gift from Syria primarily to the Lebanese, but also to the Americans and every other power which has worked with her to expel Syria from the paradise of Lebanon.

It was at this time, during a period of national dialogue, a period of transition, when the Iranian demon marched via the gate of Damascus into the weak and impotent Lebanon.

Suddenly the Iranian regime decided, under the leadership of the new President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to take on the Arab-Israeli conflict, utilizing all of the collected prejudices from the time of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser until the rotten slogans of the Baathists of both regimes, Iraqi and Syrian: The same slogans which most Arab states, including large and influential countries like Egypt, Syria, Jordan and others had long ago renounced.

The Iranians also managed to export their so-called "culture of death", which was soon taken over by the Shiites in Lebanon as a social and political way of living. The defeats during more than one Israeli invasion in the days of the Palestinian presence of the 1970s and 1980s until their withdrawal in 2000, had their part in spreading this "culture."