Monday, July 03, 2006

Superman Returns: A fun movie to watch

For a lot of people--including me--who spent their childhood reading and watching Superman stories, "Superman Returns" certainly brings back a lot of memories and--for that matter--a lot of expectations, specially when the original Superman music is played at the beginning of the movie(It did give me goosebumps, truth be told!)

In a nutshell, I beg to differ with Roger Ebert on this one. I really like the movie and its emotional subplot. I watched "Superman Returns" in an IMAX 3D which made it even more of an enjoyable movie experience for me.

There are obviously comparisons made with "Superman" (1978) and 1980 "Superman II" (1980) and I'm sure there are those who--having seen Christopher Reeve as Superman and Margot Kidder as Louis Lane--will never feel comfortable finding Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth in their shoes. Well, I certainly agree that this new movie and the acting in it are no match for the previous ones, but I still believe, inspite of its shortcomings, "Superman Returns" works.

One thing I still can't figure out is that why there's so little interaction/dialogue between Superman and Louis Lane in this movie. Why,as Roger Ebert mentions, are these two characters so tongue-tied each time they run into each other considering their romantic past?

Still, I believe "Superman Returns" includes enough fun moments to make it generally enjoyable if you aren't too hard on the movie.