Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hezbollah the brave, Hezbollah the coward

Egyptian Blogger Big Pharaoh writes:

We have to admit that Hezbollah fighters do have a degree of bravery in them. I mean, they are up against one of the strongest armies in the world and they have put up a good fight in a number of locations so far. In addition, they all believe being killed by Israeli forces is an assured way to paradise. I have to admit, it takes bravery to believe this crap.

Nevertheless, there is one thing I really cannot understand, cannot fathom. How can such brave religiously inspired fighters reach such level of cowardliness and hide their arsenal in and shot their rockets from the midst of civilians? I have asked this question in a Hezbollah Paltalk chat room and one of them told me to show the room evidence that Hezbollah uses civilian villages and towns to fire their rockets. "Show me evidence they don't do so," was my answer.

Do Israeli bombs in many times become erroneous and many of the smart bombs turn out to be very dumb instead? The answer is yes. Is Israel to blame for the terrible events of today? The answer is a partial yes. Where should the blame be squarely upon? On those who know about Israel's erroneous bombs yet continue to hide and blend among civilians. On those who are responsible for the lives of Lebanese civilians.

Israel took responsibility for the lives of its own citizens in the north. It built them shelters and placed sirens in their vulnerable towns. Where are the Lebanese shelters? Where are the shelters in Qana? Or is Hezbollah busy digging military bunkers instead? And if Qana did in fact have shelters, will Hezbollah fighters be kind enough to conduct their war away from them or they will do what they did to the UN posts? Besides, why would Israel care about Lebanese civilians while the "Lebanese" fighters themselves don't do so?

Great points raised here. I couldn't agree more. Thanks to no2liberals for the link-Kash