Thursday, August 10, 2006

Joementum continues

I'm really glad to see Joe Lieberman delivering on his promise of running as an independent candidate for the November Elections. I believe, in the current US political environment filled with flip-floppers, glad-handers and baby-kissers, Joe Lieberman belongs to a rare breed of US politicians who have the political courage to really move beyond the partisan divides of the US politics and state what they firmly believe in, even if that makes them unpopular with some in their own party and constituency.

The people who chose Ned Lamont over Lieberman on Tuesday simply sent the wrong message to the other US politicians: That no matter how experienced, able and honest you are, you can still be punished for sharing an unpopular position with a President who comes from the other side of the aisle, even if that means disassociation from partisan politics, which is apparently what the majority of American voters want from their representatives and President. Would the conneticut Democratic voters have done the same thing if a Democrat President had taken the US to an unpopular war and Lieberman had supported it? I highly doubt so.

So, I hope to see Joe win in the November elections for the guts and focus he has shown in his politics, in the midst of all the political confusion that has crippled the Democratic Party since 9/11, particularly vis-a-vie the war on terror.

Go Joe, go!