Sunday, September 03, 2006

Khatami's double standard

AP--ROSEMONT, Illinois : Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami said Saturday that U.S. foreign policy triggers terrorism and violence in the world.

Question: Mr Khatami, The United States--knowing full well what you'll have to say against them--not only granted you the US visa but is now respecting your right to free speech by allowing you to criticize it in its own territory. For your information, this is called "DEMOCRACY."

Would the leadeship of your country let a former American president do the same? Would your Islamic state let an Iranian reporter interview president Bush--no holds barred and then show it in its entirety on national television? Let's put the US aside, wouldn't the same establishment you represented for eight years and did all you could to safeguard shut you up in no time if you wanted to make a similar speech in your own country, criticizing "extremism and one-sidedness" among muslims?

Public opinion can be rescued from the grips of ignorance and blunder as you said in your speech only if you and your regime could practice what you are preaching here in the land of freedom. What a pipe dream...