Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dear President Ahmadinejad...

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sent a lengthy letter to the American people Wednesday, addressing "Noble Americans" and urging unity with Iran in spite of what the U.S. government says and does.The letter was released in New York on Wednesday and seems to be an attempt by the controversial Iranian president to circumvent the Bush administration to directly reach Americans. After you
read President Ahmadinejad's letter, here's your chance to send a reply, YOUR open letter to him, the president of Iran:

President Ahmadinejad,
I have read your letter to us, the American people. My interpretation is that President Bush could have written this same letter to the Iranian people. With very few exceptions, everything you complained about in the United States and its administration(s) are true to a much more extensive degree in Iran. But, if President Bush wrote such a letter to the Iranian people, would they even know it existed, let alone be allowed to read it?
— John (Angier, NC)

Dear Mahmoud,
This is great stuff! I really mean it! Have considered trying out as a contestant on "Last Comic Standing?" As long as you brutally repress freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom of conscience in your country, please allow me to laugh at your criticisms our political process.
Keep it up!
— Noel

President Ahmadinejad,
I may not be on the same side as our president on some things, like his being too weak on the Mexican border issue. But my biggest compliant is that he hasn't gotten rid of you!
— Kathy (Atlanta, TX)

Dear President Ahmadinejad,
If you truly believe we true-blooded American people can be influenced by the likes of you and your letter, it is just a fabrication of your sick mind.
— Bob (Nevada)

Dear President Ahmadinejad and the people of Iran,
It is sad that some of you are brainwashed and filled with such hatred. It is sad you will never know a life of freedom. It is sad and criminal that children are abused from birth and forced to listen to an evil being who claims to be your president. It is sad that some of you believe his lies. May your president rot for crimes against humanity and for depriving innocent people of God-given freedom.
— Carol (Avon, IN)

Well said Carol. Thank you-Kash