Saturday, May 10, 2008

Quitters never win

While the media is chopping its licks over a likely Hillary Clinton defeat after the NC and IN elections results with headlines such as "Hillary the cat runs out of lives" or "She is toast. Stick a fork in her," and columnists like Eugene Robinson (Desperate Clinton is Danger to the Party) and Bob Herbert (Seeds of Destruction) are unleashing a torrent of vitriol at Bill and Hillary to depict them as nothing more than a desperate, race-baiting couple, it is really refreshing to see there are still people out there who truly understand what it means to a lot of voters, specially women, to see Hillary keep on fighting and certainly not quit before the game is finally over. Today in the Washington Post Ellen R. Malcolm writes:

It's not surprising that low-income working women are the cornerstone of Hillary's success. Many of these women live on the edge of disaster. A pink slip, a family member's illness, a parent who can no longer live alone, a carthat won't start or a mortgage rate that goes up -- all are threats that could devastate the family. And yet these women do what women have done for ages. They put on a confident face, feed their children breakfast and get them off to school. They don't quit. They suck it up and fight back against whatever life throws their way. They see in Hillary Clinton a candidate who understands the pressures they face. As they watch her tough it out against all odds, refusing to quit and continuing to compete against whatever the media and her opponents throw her way, they see a woman as tough and resilient as they are. They clearly want her to win. Her victory, I believe, is their victory.
So here we are in the fourth quarter of the nominating process and the game is too close to call. Once again, the opponents and the media are calling for Hillary to quit. The first woman ever to win a presidential primary is supposed to stop competing, to curtsy and exit stage right.
Hillary Clinton certainly has the right to compete till the end. But I believe Hillary also has a responsibility to play the game to its conclusion. For the women of my generation who learned to find and channel their competitiveness, for the working women who never falter in the face of pressure, for the younger women who still believe women can do anything, Hillary is a champion. She's shown us over and over that winners never quit and that quitters never win. We'll cheer her on until the game is over. And we hope that when the final whistle blows, we will have elected the first female president and the best president our country has ever had.
Amen to that.